Which Security Metal Detector is Better?

When it comes to security of buildings, shopping malls, public buildings and compounds; then definitely a security metal detector is the most essential tool in providing this security. It can perhaps be categorized as the first perimeter of security as a good metal detector will catch metallic objects which can be potential weapons. Basically, a metal detector for security purposes works by generating a strong electromagnetic field which produces an electric current in any metal object that it interacts with. Hence, this electric current also subsequently leads to generation of another electromagnetic field which gets picked up by the security detector. Depending upon the size of the object, the electromagnetic field which is generated will be larger and this will cause a more higher magnitude response in the detector, which is usually accompanied by a sound. Thus, the security team will intercept the person and will do the needful.

So, then you may be asking yourself as to whether a hand held metal detector may be better than a normal body type metal detector for security. Of course, you will need to first determine the level of the security matrix that you wish to maintain as that can have an important bearing in your decision to choose the most suitable metal detectors for your purpose. A full body scanner is usually more suitable for general situations where you are just trying to filter large crowds. As a person walks through these detectors, depending upon their level of sensitivity any metallic object big enough to be a weapon can be registered.

However, there is also a good chance that it will generate false positives which can mislead the security team. Then using a hand held device will be more efficient, as it can be passed over the various parts of the body with a closer proximity. This can help the security personnel to have more precision in understanding whether the object is really a weapon that may cause a problem. However, in retrospect, using a handheld detector will be more time consuming and it won’t be very practical in an environment where there are too many people as each person can take 2-3 minutes to scan with this method; whereas with a full body type detector a person can be screened in 10 seconds or less.